Innovative performance incentives for maximum impact

Leverage synthetic equity on the blockchain technology to usher in a world of possibilities to benefit from your high performance without needing to hold the underlying asset.


Reward tokenization brings performance and loyalty

Synthetic equity is an attractive alternative to traditional rewards for outstanding performance. It emphasizes the growth in the value of the business tied to the price of their synthetic equity tokens and becomes a vehicle for capital accumulation.

Issue synthetic equity shares

Define synthetic equity in the context of attracting, retaining, and rewarding key talent. Streamline the incentivization process and maximize the potential of your offering through a digital and seamless user experience.

Automate incentives management

The flexibility and benefits of synthetic equity plans are builtin for specific capital and tax structures. Control and manage issuer interfaces, automate corporate actions, and digitally manage assets across the entire lifecycle.

Active equity strategies

The ultimate shock absorber, helping companies balance the two core tensions of growth and succession – specifically the scarcities of cash, talent, and confidence for succession.

Cascade model for value creation

A synthetic equity plan allows organizations to design and implement rewards and incentivization solutions intended to achieve qualitative growth and high-performance succession.


Purpose-built synthetic equity on the blockchain technology solutions

Our clients utilize synthetic equity plans as a retention tool to align their employees and gig economy stakeholders (i.e., freelancers, outsourcing partners, etc.) with company performance over some time and to become more competitive in attracting key talent.

Stakeholder perspective

Options and other traditional rewards are transferred through email, PDFs, and centralized equity management systems. Synthetic equity is transferred through transactions, blocks, and distributed token ledgers. Options are valuable at the end, while the tokens are valuable from the beginning.

Business owner's perspective

With synthetic equity, the company does not have to dilute ownership but, at the same time, can offer very attractive incentive plans. Like the traditional equities, digital tokens can be issued through vesting plans and can be repurchased or transferred. Also, several significant tax advantages are attractive to business owners and key employees.

How it works

Our solution uses blockchain-powered technology and a beginner-friendly intuitive interface, giving our clients a smooth user experience.

Design Synthetic equity plan

Design your synthetic equity plan and establish principles for issuance and distribution. Then, structure your synthetic equity plan instruments.


Onboard plan participants with a compliant digital experience. Allocate synthetic equity tokens to the approved stakeholders.


Manage your operations on the blockchain; token supply, eligible stakeholders, servicing, and corporate actions.

How synthetic equity works

Calculate Synthetic equity token economics

Estimate company gains after adopting Synthetic equities.

Starting valuation $2,000,000
Totality 100%
Vesting plan years 5
Expected growth 10%
Individual performance 100%

Calculate Synthetic equity token economics

Estimate company gains after adopting Synthetic equities.

Token value


Estimated gain


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