about us

The SyntheticEquity.io story

Our vision is to help companies and their stakeholders prepare for digital asset transformation

Clients need to own their digital futures in today's unstable business environment. Our unique, cooperative engagement model concentrates on building and ascending capabilities across people and technology—in comparison—so companies can plan and create through hands-on experience, deliver end-to-end digital programs, and attract new talent. By improving digital, technology, and data capabilities, our clients have accomplished transformative results to do a lot more than serving as a means for better performance.


Started with an idea

SyntheticEquity.io business began as a spinoff from an advisory firm focused on the business by design and organizational effectiveness. While supporting clients in the space of future of work, we researched Tokenization, NFT, and Fintech. With time we became convinced that financial services would become decentralized. In addition, we recognized that organizations with higher levels of employee engagement embrace complete and long-term planning perspectives when evaluating the success of total rewards programs. So, we brought together performance incentive planning and asset tokenization created and managed through blockchain technology, and this is how SyntheticEquity.io was discovered.

Our value proposition

We design and implement synthetic equity solutions to achieve high-quality growth and high performance succession. We design and implement synthetic equity solutions to achieve high-quality growth and:

  • Equity and profit denominated plans such as restricted stock, synthetic equity, and profit appreciation bonus plans
  • Design synthetic equity that truly motivates companies on the runway to both a change of control and modification of leadership
  • Optimize cash resources – especially for equity denominated awards
  • Anticipate the evolving capital structure
  • Reduce tax costs for both the company and the executives
  • Sync up with the personal estate planning decisions of the ownership group


We bring experts in every relevant discipline to each client’s challenge. The value they deliver goes deeper than their resumes. We are a dedicated group of Web3 and consulting entrepreneurs who will continue to function as a fusion team of creative and competent people passionate about helping clients navigate a dynamic business environment. Altogether, we’re creating the pages of a story that’s leading us each day towards new perspectives on the adoption of the latest technologies in future business environments.


Paul Lalovich

CEO and Founder

Brings deep experience in tech, helping leading companies win market share, drive top-line growth, and transform operations to reduce costs.


Philipp Kishkovarov


Innovation and transformation technology leadership; accelerating the realization of new ideas and ways of thinking which empower individual.


Christopher Page

Chief Investment Officer

Significant expertise with executive remuneration and experience engaging and working effectively with clients' C suite and Boards.


Tesha Teshanovich

Head of Growth

Media and change management expert, and author on global economic trends and topics such as productivity, growth and the Future of Work.

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